Has your mother seen a set of naira notes in her life – Reuben Abati asks Obi Cubana

Reuben Abati, a former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, asked Obi Cubana’s mother, who was recently buried, whether she had ever seen, used or spent the crisp Naira notes in her life.

In an article he wrote on Wednesday, the journalist wondered why he didn’t hear anything from Obi Cubana’s family members during the much-discussed funeral.

“Do you even have siblings or older family members?” he asked.

Abati raised many questions about how Obi Jubana made so much money and how much he paid in taxes to the Nigerian government in connection with the lavish funeral that took place last weekend in Oba, Anambra province.

“Obi Jubana has the right to bury her mother as she wishes. Who is he? How did he make his money? How much tax does the Nigerian government pay?

“I’m not sure half of those who attended the event knew who Cuba’s mother was,” he wrote.

“What kind of person was he? How did he relate to the community? Have you ever seen, managed, spent Naira notes that have been crunchy all your life?

“Who are the family members of Obi Jubana? Do you even have siblings or older family members? ”

Obi Kubana: Oba had more mint notes than all Nigerian banks – Reuben Abati

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