Igboho, the governor of Yoruba, consulted with the monarchs before starting the campaign, made no mistake – King told the Benin government

Oba Titus Suberu Ajibola, a Yoruba monarch in Ilorin, Kwara province, called on the Benin government to release Yoruba activist Bazar Adeyemo, Bazar Igboho, who was recently detained at an airport in the country’s capital, Cotonou.

In a video that has now been leaked, Ajibola said he consulted with Igboho and other Yoruba monarchs before launching his campaign, adding that the activist also had the support of some governors in the Southwest.

Binali asked the Nigerian government to never grant his extradition request and said the activist would be tortured in Nigeria.

He said, “Let the King of the Republic of Benin release him, do not hand him over to Nigeria or Buhari. Igboho is a good man before he started this excitement. He consulted with the Yoruba monarchs and we were not against it, not even the governors.”

“The goal is to hand over the Yoruba to the murderous shepherds, so we want you to release him, but not to Buhari, because the Buhari government will only torture him and we do not want him to be tortured, he is our son. In the name of God, please help us free Igboho, he is a good man.

“We, the people of Yoruba, are really suffering under this government,” he said. Please do not hand over Igboho to Nigeria, we do not want him to be tortured. His excitement is to free the Yoruba from slavery, we have become slaves. In the name of God, we beg you to set him free, not Bukhari. ”

SaharaReporters had previously reported that some Yoruba leaders had supported Igboho after his capture in Cotonou, Benin.

Some leaders said they were discussing the issue.

Lawyers have also been called in to stop Iqboho’s extradition to Nigeria.

SaharaReporters also reported on how the Yoruba human rights activist was arrested at Cotonou Airport on Monday night.

Leaders of the Oodua People’s Congress, Ilana Oodua and other Yoruba self-determination groups, appealed to the International Criminal Court.

Other groups involved in the Yoruba Nation’s campaign include the Yoruba Strategic Union, Igbega Omo Oodua, Isokan Omo Oodua, United Kingdom of Yoruba, Egbe Omo Yoruba, Oodua Foundation, Obirin Oodua Agbaye, and Yoruba Intelligent. Group and Igbimo Omo Ijebu.

Among others are Paramole Igbimo Agbaagba, Akoni Obirin Oodua, Narahat Omo Yoruba, Oduduwa Awareness Group, Diaspora Oodua, Apapo Yoruba Nation and Ile Agbara Oodua’s Afonja Descendants and Ile Agbara Oodua and Egbe Idanileko.

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