John’s appointment: List of 24 generals likely to leave Nigerian Army – Daily Post Nigeria

At least 24 generals in the Nigerian Army may leave the system soon after General Farooq Yahaya’s appointment as the new chief of staff (COAS).

13 Generals from the North and 11 from the South, Hadin Kai to Yahaya, the former Theater Commander of the Rebel Operation.

Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed the local people of Sokoto to replace the late Ibrahim Attahiru.

Yahaya served at the Army Headquarters in Abuja on Friday.

Kaduna Lieutenant General Attahiru and other officers were killed in a plane crash near Kaduna International Airport.

PR Nigeria said there were three Chief Generals on the Northwest where John came from – Generals MSA Aliyu, YP Auta and J Sarham.

Four key generals from the North Center on Yahaya, JO Akomolafe, UM Mohammed, NE Angbazo and Kay Isiyaku.

There are six people from the Northeast, Majers General AS Maikobi, SA Yaro, AT Hamman, AM Aliyu, HPZ Vintenaba and IM Yusuf.

There are five major generals from the Southwest – JB Olawumi, G Oyefesobi, BM Shafa, BA Akinroluyo and KO Kadiri.

From the Southeast are General CO Ude, MO Uzoh, CC Okonkwo, BI Ahanotu and OF Azinta.

General HE Ayamasaowei of Bayelsa Province is the only Army Chief of Staff from the South.

There are currently more than 100 officers in the Nigerian Army with the rank of Major General.

The rank of 2-star general in the Army is equivalent to that of Rear Admiral in the Navy and Vice-Marshal in the Air Force.

Army Chief of Staff: Soldiers celebrate the appointment of Gen Yahaya Farooq [VIDEO]

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