June 12 protest: S / West – Stay away from the Yoruba forum

Agency correspondent

The Yoruba Assessment Forum (YAF) has warned those planning a nationwide protest on Democracy Day on June 12 to stay away from the South West.

The group said the people of the South West would not support, tolerate or join such protests, as they should be for the June 12 Democracy Day protests, not the June 12 protests.

The warning came amid plans by various groups across the country to protest the nation’s hardships on June 12, Democracy Day.

The group’s national coordinator, Adesina Animashan, said in a statement in Lagos on Friday that the South West would never allow dissidents to live together in peace and harmony in the region.

Animashaun claimed that those who influenced the protest movement were the enemies of the state behind many insecurity problems to put the nation to bed.

“The people of the Southwest and other civil society groups in Nigeria have been at the forefront of the campaign by President Mohammed Buhari to call the Federal Government June 12 Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

“Nigerians must not forget so soon that the former leadership ignored the calls for the honor of the late General MCO Abiola, who was declared the winner of the canceled presidential election in June 1993, and later died in custody.

“Therefore, for the Southwest, which holds the sanctity of the day, it would be disgusting to spend the day instead of celebrating disgruntled people and hoodlums,” he said.

The YAF National Coordinator called on Yoruba youth to refrain from such calls and protests, and that any group or group planning to disrupt peace in their territories should rise to the challenge by notifying the security services closest to them.

He also called on the traditional rulers of the Southwest to speak with the people of their territories against being part of such protests.

“As in Nigeria, we have enough challenges. Any action taken in the streets during the supposed peaceful protests will backfire.

“Those who bankrupt such actions should start such protests against their children and close families, because the South West cannot afford to lose its youth in a secular and irresponsible protest that could lead to lawlessness, killing and destruction of property; Animashaun said.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) said June 12 was a significant milestone in Nigeria’s political history and that June 12 was declared Nigeria’s Democracy Day.
President Buhari, in 2020, increased the importance of the day.

On June 12, 1993, the country witnessed an election that many claimed was the fairest in the nation’s history, but the results were not known because the election was canceled by then-military chief retired General Ibrahim Babangida. (NAN)

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