Lagos Transport Union Pirates or ‘Agberos’ Earned N123 Billion From Drivers, Drivers Every Year – Report

A huge sum of N123.078 billion is what transport union bandits popularly call “agberos,” the trade drivers, motorcyclists and tricyclists in Lagos do every year.

‘Agbero’ is an unofficial word commonly used to describe a robber who collects rates, duties, levies and other tax forms around parking lots.

The Agberos are officials of the National Union of National Transport Workers (NURTW) and the Nigerian Association of Road Transport Employers (RTEAN), which are generally seen in white and green, but sometimes seen as muftis.

According to an estimate released by the International Research Report Center (ICIR) on Tuesday, these NURTW employees put $ 123.078 billion in Nibre pockets each year from commercial vehicle operators.

‘Transport Statistics and Annual Income Paid to Agebros in Lagos’, the report, ICIR, said the money is mainly made from vehicles collected around parking lots, rates, fees, duties and other taxes.

There are 75,000 commercial buses (danfos) in Lagos, according to the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), according to ICIR.

In addition, despite the recent ban on three-wheeled bicycles (Keke Marwa or NAPEP) by the Lagos State Government, the report shows that 50,000 of them operate in the metropolitan area.

Similarly, ICIR, in interviews with motorcyclists in Lagos, said that every Local Council Development Authority (LCDA) in Lagos has at least 1,000 motorcycles. It is estimated that there are 37 LCDAs in Lagos that like 37,000 motorcycles

In rough figures, each commercial vehicle driver pays at least N3,000 NW to agberos, also known as ticket sales on a daily basis, and commercial danfo drivers generated a huge revenue of N82.1 billion in just one year.

This means that these drivers pay N225 million every day, N6.75 billion every month and N82.125 billion annually to the agberos in Lagos.

This was confirmed by ICIR’s interviews with 50 drivers from 37 LCDAs.

Also, while some motorcycles pay N800, some said N400, and the average money a motorcycle driver pays agberos per day was at the level of N600. Statistics show these agberos estimated at 8.1 billion naira per year.

In interviews with motorcyclists in Lagos, ICIR said that every motorcyclist should distribute N400 and N800 to agberos every day.

Thus, motorcyclists pay 22.2 million a day to agberos, N666 million a month and N8.103 billion a year.

The report further said that more than 60 of the three bicyclists at the 21 LCDAs in the commercial city paid ICIR at least 1,800 NUR per day to agberos.

Therefore, this means that every day the agberos travel with N90 million from the transport taxes collected from three-wheeled cyclists. Monthly salaries reach N2.7 billion and increase every year to N32.85 billion.

Every commercial vehicle driver pays at least N3,000 to agberos, also known as ticket sales, every day, according to oral statements obtained by ICIR from 21 of the 37 local council development bodies (LCDA) in Lagos and more than 50 commercial bus drivers. .

In total, commercial buses, tricycles and motorcycles pay 123.078 billion Nord to agberos in Lagos every year. Taxis are excluded as there is no information for this category.

Although the two transport associations appear to be official, there is no official document showing that their earnings were transferred to the treasury of the Lagos State Government.

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