Like Nnamdi Kanu, the DSS also combines audio and video evidence to nail Bazar Igboho

The Department of Public Services (DSS), similar to the Nnamdi Kanu case, has collected audio and video recordings that will be used against Bazar Igboho in the event of a trial in Nigeria.

The federal government wants him extradited from the Republic of Benin. The president and security officials remained silent about the incident at Cadjèhoun Airport in Cotonou on Monday.

Igboho, real name Bazar Adeyemo, could face charges of treason for calling people to arms.

Iqboho boasted that he could openly help get the gun and that he wanted anyone caught with the gun to tell the authorities who gave him the sentence.

In a viral video, the 48-year-old encouraged separatist communities to buy weapons and ammunition for young people.

“Give money to those who don’t have weapons and buy weapons for them. You can write me. If they don’t know where to get the weapon, I will help them get it.

“No government can say that people should not carry weapons now. If they (the youth) are captured, they should be told that I provided them with weapons Iqboho. “Weapons are for our own protection, we will strengthen them with charm.”

Under the law, it is treason for the leader of the Biafra Indigenous Peoples (IPOB), Kanu, and Igboho to repeatedly threaten the state with war.

Paragraph 1 (a) of Article 37 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Nigeria of 1990 states: “Anyone who wage war against a State to intimidate the President or Governor of a State is guilty. is responsible for treason and the death penalty. ”

Kanu and Iqboho threatened to gather an army to fight the government. In one of the broadcasts, Kanu said he could order southeastern governors to strike.

Igboho often aggravated some Southwest governors and leaders working against the realization of the Yoruba Nation.

President Mohammad Buhari, in another way, accused the violent Fulani shepherds of treating the Yoruba as abducting, killing and raping them.

Although criticism is protected by the constitution under the guise of freedom of speech, Igboho has struggled with statements, including the forcible partition of Nigeria.

Two weeks ago, the presidential staff hinted that the mixer would encounter music. A spokesman for the president, Garba Shehu, recently confirmed the iron fist of security forces.

Sheikh Iqboho was told by a man who “also committed acts of terrorism and disturbed the peace in the name of protecting his relatives.”

Buhari’s aide said Igboho’s remarks and antique words had become hate speech, and said he was trying to set up an arms depot in Igboho or was planning to shake Nigeria’s unity.

“Assault weapons are not peace-loving people, and security agencies should treat them the same no matter who they are or where they are,” he said.

A source told the DAILY POSTA that Igboho’s audio and video interviews, as well as comments on music videos on the internet, had been collected.

“It simply came to our notice then. DSS investigators played different recordings and asked him to confirm whether he had said these things.

“The evidence already gathered against Igboho will be played out in a similar way, and the answers have been noted. If there is a trial, they will play the tapes in court, “he said.

Hours after the arrest on Monday, the DAILY POST learned that the federal government had immediately launched an operation to send the mixer back to Nigeria.

On Wednesday, former Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai (rtd) was reported to have played a role in Igboho’s confusion over his move to Germany via Benin.

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