Obi Kubana: The villagers are angry with me – Cuban High Priest

The famous bartender, Pascal Okechukwu, the Chief Priest of Cuba, said that the villagers were angry with Obi after his mother was buried in Oba, Anambra province.

The Cuban Prime Minister also said that the villagers demanded 46 goats from him.

The Cuban Priest, a close partner of Obi Kubana, gave her 46 cows in a viral video last week, in addition to several gifts for her mother’s funeral, the DAILY POST reports.

Billionaire businessmen and famous Abuja entertainment tycoon Uyi Ogbebor also appeared in a viral video collecting many Naira notes in a bag, waiting for the event to start properly.

In a viral list shared on social media that Obi Cubana’s DAILY POST could not confirm, it was not said that she received more than N200 million from her friends and partners.

Reacting to the development, the Chief Minister of Cubana, in an article sent via Instagram account on Wednesday, said that the people were warned not to set foot in the village unless they gave a goat.

Obi Cubana cleans the air for friends who earn money from rituals

The Chief Priest of Cuba shared his picture and wrote: “My villagers say money for me, I mean 46 Goats Return from the Village I Return to the Village, I Say Their Goat De I do not use to play their traditions. ”

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