Stopping Twitter: The United States, Britain, the EU, and others are hypocrites, says Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammad criticized the US, Britain, the European Union and other countries for criticizing the suspension of Twitter, the social media giant.

Describing foreign countries as hypocrites, Mohammad said his views were based solely on economic reasons and not because they loved Nigeria.

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The minister said this on NTA’s ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ program on Friday.

Mohammad said both the EU and the UK were already working on social media rules and wondered why Nigeria was accused of stifling free speech.

“The EU has recommended the same thing, and Britain only spoke on Wednesday about a law that would regulate social media,” he said. Therefore, I say they are hypocrites. As I said, I don’t like to comment on issues related to relations with Nigeria and other countries, but frankly, they are not honest. ”

Mohammad said the Federal Government had contacted Twitter to reduce disagreements, such as separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu, who was pleased to call Nigeria a zoo.

The minister said the social media platform had never responded.

He asked Nigerians not to be fooled by foreign delegations condemning the suspension of Twitter.

“We have seen many foreign missions come to condemn Nigeria’s actions,” he said. Nigerians, please make a distinction between countries whose economic and trade interests truly love you and those who speak of freedom of speech, and do not forget for a moment that there is a country called Nigeria. there is freedom of speech. ”

The minister said the Federal Government had not stopped Twitter because the President had deleted a tweet from General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.) That many looked down on.

On the issue of Nigerians losing money on the suspension of Twitter, Mohammed reduced the complaints by saying that the Nigerian government did not pay any taxes on the social media platform.

He said Nigerians should note that this can only happen when there is peace.

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