Suspicious Shepherds Kidnapped 15 Imoda Bus Passengers

After 15 passengers were abducted along Enugu-Port Harcourt Road by suspicious shepherds, there is fear in Eke-Onuimo in the Onuimo Local Government Area of ​​Imo Prefecture.

The Daily Trust reports that the passengers were traveling in two separate buses when the shepherds stopped them on the Arondizuogu-Okigwe section of the road.

According to a witness, the kidnappers took all the passengers of a bus to Bush.

It was learned that some of the passengers on the second bus managed to escape, but the whereabouts of the passengers were not yet known until the presentation of this report.

Police have not yet commented on the incident, and provincial command spokesman SP Bala Elkana said calls on his mobile phone had not been answered.

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