The robbers are occupying Ibadan Property with a POS Machine for Cashless Victims

Less than 20 armed robbers stormed the Alaafia estate in Ibadan Orogun, the capital of Oyo province, at around 11pm on Sunday, working until around 2pm on Monday to seize residents of millions of naira worth of valuables.

The robbers, who first raided the property when they robbed a police chief and three apartments about two weeks ago, came with more gang members and did not take money, laptops, cell phones and ATM cards (PINs) after their owners received their Personal Identification Numbers.

The robbers did not enter the property by closing Barika, Agbowo and Orogun, a body that was recently pulled.

Armed with spikes, guns, and other dangerous weapons, the brave robbers divided themselves into groups on the property and at the same time looted houses 33, 31, and 25.

Sahara Correspondents said at least 20 families were direct victims of the robbers, including 33 who were beaten with a machete while making bean cuts on Peter’s left hand in a house.

Witnesses said they forcibly entered the victims’ homes, acted arrogantly, and dared residents to leave if they performed their duties.

In house 31, where at least a dozen apartments were looted, robbers forced victims to use the POS they brought, but when the network failed, they demanded their victims’ ATMs and PINs.

When the robbers moved into House 25, where some residents are accused of breaking their windows during an operation at their previous workplaces, doors and property collapsed as they threatened to open fire.

One resident said: “As they struggled to enter the house, one of them told the new recruits that they were joining the house and that someone was looking out the window. They said that if we did not open the door voluntarily, we would see hell if they entered the house. ”

However, the Ojoo Police Department was not mobilized to the property by firing on the way there.

Another resident told us that one of the robbers said, “Grandpa (police) is here; winner ti mbo, e ja ke lo (they come, let’s go) ”he said.

Police did not rescue four gloves and a locally made pistol around the scene of the robbery.

Speaking about what happened to one of the victims, who did not want to be named, he said, “When they arrived, they jumped into our house and fired into the air. They started saying ‘Awon daa, wey money’ (where are they, where is your money?) At 12:45 and left for the other buildings at 1:45. “

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