We have no patience for failure – Bishop Oyedepo justifies the sack of priests

Bishop David Oyedepo, president and founder of the World Church of the Living Faith, described the AKA Winners Chapel Worldwide as “nonsense, claiming that some priests were fired for not making enough money in their branches.”

THE DAILY POST reported that a victorious Pastor, known as Peter Godwin, claimed that he and 40 other priests had been fired for poor performance.

The video provoked a reaction from Nigerians, with some condemning Bishop David Oyedepo and others saying the move was in line with the gospel of Christ.

Reacting on Wednesday, Oyedepo said the only criterion for the sacks was how many souls he had in the church.

Oyedepo said the priests were fired for being ineffective.

“Social media died when we were working with 7,000 priests at one time. We have more employees than most states in Nigeria, and we have never been in debt or bank overdraft.

The priests were asked to leave because they were ineffective. Most churches built will never be able to pay for a church building in 30 years. We do not have the patience to fail here.

“We have built more than 1,000 churches in rural areas that will never be able to create this fund in the next 30 years, each worth more than 14 million naira.” We hunt for the spirit, not income.

“People are confused with our ministry. I learned that some friends said, “You know, they don’t make money, that’s why he wanted them to leave.”

“We wanted you to leave because you were fruitless. Fruitless! An obvious failure. What are you doing there We do not have the patience to fail here.

“Social Media died when we employed 7,000 people at a time. We have more employees in this organization than most states.

“We do not owe a penny to anyone, and we do not borrow or beg. Ask our bank if we overdraft, we make a covenant, we work in the light of God’s Word. We enjoy an open paradise.

”Money: nonsense! We have never been lacking and have never prayed for it, we just obey God and He supports what He wants from us. Awesome God.

“Now the next set is about to be flagged, only confirming the issue of land ownership, nothing else. We have nothing. The world is confused. Walking in the light of God’s Word. Please obey God completely and pay attention to the manifestations in your life.

“Well, you don’t need so much math to know a thousand buildings; not 1000 Naira each, not 10 Million (Naira) each, not 12 Million (Naira) each, not 14 Million (Naira) each. Some are 35 Million (Naira). In an instant!

“It simply came to our notice then. We only watched God do it, the only criterion: How many souls are there? Then build for them.
How many lives? Not once: “How much money do you have?” he asked.

“You want to see what we see, go and see what we do. But if you are not saved, there is nothing important you can do, ”he said.

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