Why FG can’t arm the Republic of Benin to extradite Igboho – Ex-NIIA DG, Akinterinwa

Professor Bola Akinterinwa, former director general of the Nigerian Institute of International Relations, said the Nigerian Federal Government could not force the Republic of Benin to hand over Bazar Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho, the head of the Yoruba Nation.

This is because the Republic of Benin, like other former French colonies, represents French interests in West Africa. The Republic of Benin (formerly Dahomey) gained full independence from France on August 1, 1960.

The diplomat spoke while demonstrating the scene on Wednesday PUNCH Online interview program, Roundtable.

The Septuagenarian also advised the Federal Government to stop using force on the mixers and to review the peace resolutions.

The regime of President Major General Mohammad Buhari (ret.) Has recently suppressed the agitation to secede from Southern Nigeria. The preachers set out to leave Nigeria, thinking of their dissatisfaction, injustice, and unreliability.

Boli Akinterinw, former Director General of the Nigerian Institute of International Relations.
Former Director General of the Nigerian Institute of International Relations, Prof. Bola Akinterinwa.

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indicted Biafra Indigenous People, is now under the control of the Department of Public Services after being extradited from a foreign country.

Similarly, the Buhari regime declared Iqboho wanted, and the regime continued to extradite the activist arrested by Interpol in the Republic of Benin on Monday by order of the Nigerian government.

Punch Earlier, Nigeria’s ambassador to the Republic of Benin, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai (ret), the former immediate chief of staff, said he was working to extradite Igboho to Abuja.

However, Igboho’s leading lawyer, Yomi Alliyu (SAN), said his client could not be extradited because the 1984 Economic Agreement between Nigeria, Benin and two others excluded political refugees such as Igboho and his wife, Ropo.

Punch The federal government activist said he planned to hand over on Wednesday (yesterday), but the Republic of Benin insisted it would not be part of any process that went against the required timeline.

Answer a question Punch In an interview with the former NIIA DG Akinterinwa on Wednesday, he said, “At the level of the Republic of Benin, if you are talking about arm bending, an elephant is as big and strong as a lion, if it bites small. mosquito, you can know the consequences. Because Nigeria is big and strong, it’s not a question you can ask anyone, no, it doesn’t work that way.

“Relations between the Republic of Benin and Nigeria are not limited to the Republic of Benin. The Republic of Benin is a francophone, which means that you can understand relations with France and relations with France at the level of Nigeria without any missile science.

“The French government does not want the Nigerian government to have the power to exploit the Republic of Benin or its Francophone neighbors to the detriment of French interests in West Africa, nor does the Nigerian government want it to be used by its Francophone neighbors. against the interests of neighboring Nigeria.

“So, even if you close the borders completely, the borders are closed not only against the neighbors, but also against the French. So any battle you think of, any goal-bending, should be in the context of French interests, and especially Francophone interests.
“Any misunderstanding between a Francophone country – whether an immediate neighbor or a distant neighbor – is definitely a matter at the level of Nigerian and Francophone society; they think the same, work together, solve problems together. ”

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