Yahaya says the army must develop a new strategy to win the war on terror

By Okodili Ndidi. Abuja

Chief of General Staff General Farouk Yahaya said on Monday that the Nigerian Army should sit down and develop new plans, processes and strategies in line with the changing nature of the battlefield.

He also advocated a return to and strict adherence to military traditions and doctrines to make the Nigerian Army a more professional and formidable force that can respond to the country’s security challenges.

Noting that the strength of the Nigerian Armed Forces is as good, the Army Chief stressed the need to develop the skills that will prepare the Army to perform its constitutional duties.

Speaking at the first briefing with the General Officers’ Command (GOC), field commanders and other frontline officers, COAS promised to renew the Nigerian Army.

Yahaya, who was appointed Chief of General Staff of the 22nd Army after the death of the former COAS, said in a plane crash that Lieutenant General Ibrahim Attahiru had promised to lead the Army to victory in all ongoing operations across the country.

Therefore, “In order for the Nigerian Army to remain competitive in the 21st century, it must remain professional and develop competencies that make it ready to perform its constitutional duties.

“Therefore, it is my duty to build a professional Nigerian Army on this fund, ready to carry out the tasks assigned to it in a common environment in the defense of Nigeria.” To achieve this goal, my Command’s philosophy will stand on four pillars: Professionalism, Training, Management and Cooperation.

“We must return to the principles of strict adherence to the customs and traditions and ethics of the Nigerian Army,” he said. The task before us is great, but at the same time we have the strength of our common decision to fulfill it.

“As Chief of Staff, I reiterate my commitment to lead you always with sincerity, transparency and accountability. I want to convince everyone that I will lead the Army fairly and equitably, giving everyone an equal opportunity based on their individual skills and character.

“I believe that you will stand up with me and defend our country. Gentlemen, we will succeed together.

“I want to reassure the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and my commitment to the Nigerian Army and the determination of all Nigerians to ensure Nigeria’s territorial integrity.”

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