0.3m coal miners working in Balochistan without first hospitals’

All Pakistan Labor Federation president Sultan Muhammad Khan on Monday said about 0.3 million coal miners are working in Balochistan without hospitals, facing registration difficulties, and insecurity in their workplaces.

“Approximately 300,000 workers are employed throughout the region as each coal mine in the region has more than 1,000 mines, including Chamalang, Luni, Harnai, Mach, Duki, Marwar and Sowrange,” Sultan Muhammad said in a statement.

He also noted that many field workers are enduring serious illnesses, including kidney disease, asthma and liver disease.

Registration of workers was a major issue, he said, and called on the government to take action to register miners in Balochistan.

He also said that coal miners had dug thousands of feet under the ground, and that their lives were in danger because of poor security and monitoring. In addition, the availability of clean drinking water and the availability of hospitals near mining areas were also a dream for them, he said.

Sultan Muhammad urged the government to use the Occupational Safety and Health Situation (OSHS) to address the dangers of coal mining.

The main reason for the death of the miner was the lack of self-defense measures, he added.

Governments should take this issue seriously and strive to enact legislation to address the coal mines disaster, he said, adding that regulators must also ensure that Section C-176 Labor is implemented.

He also called on the government to establish a working environment, including modern higher education for its children so that it can earn respect among the people.

The director of operations said the government was collecting a lot of money from coal mines, but miners were paid only 200,000 dead money, which should be increased to 500,000 per person as well as assistance to those affected by the mine accident.

About 15,000 workers, he said, are working in the fields of Duki and Chamalang Coal, which extracted 1.6 million coal from the aforementioned fields last year.

The Balochistan government has amassed $ 1.73 billion in royalties from the two states last year, he added.

The Sultan said the death toll of at least 102 people and 148 cases of injuries were reported last year in the region for neglect of those involved.


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