A cargo ship was stranded at Seaview in Karachi for the second day

A freight train to Karachis Seaview for the second day
  • The cargo ship stops near the Sea View after the engine has finished
  • KPT refuses to release the vessel.
  • KPT sources told Geo News that the country’s largest port could not release ships in shallow water.

KARACHI: A freight train has been near Seaview Beach in Karachi for the past two days, with the Karachi Port Trust reportedly refusing to release it.

According to Geo News, the ship docked at Karachi harbor near Clifton. If this were an oil tanker like the Tasman Spirit ship, dangerous things would happen.

According to Karachi port officials, the ship’s anchor was broken so it reached the shore, but experts say that in that case, it is given a mayday.

According to experts, the port’s operating department is said to have failed to provide immediate assistance to the ship.

Sources at KPT told Geo News that the country’s largest port could not release ships in shallow water, so the ships could be temporarily shut down or released by a foreign rescue company at a high cost.

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In a statement on Twitter, KPT confirmed that the ship was named Heng Tong 77. KPT said the ship was tied to their waters for a change.

“They did not enter or navigate the KPT port. Due to inclement weather, the ship lost anchors and began wading in shallow water very early in the morning,” he said.

By the time the ship informed KPT of its departure, it was in shallow water, KPT said, explaining that rescuing the ship was the responsibility of the ship’s owners.

“All marine and environmental pollution will be caused by the owners. Operational and technical assistance is available to the owners of the ship,” the statement said.


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