A large cargo ship sailed along the Karachi coast

A cargo ship that was hit at Sea View in Sea View early Wednesday after losing anchor due to bad weather was left on the beach the next day in a row as authorities refused to release it.

According to the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), MV Heng Tong, a freight train from Shanghai bound for Turkey, settled in the waters of Pakistan to change the group and never entered KPT Harbor.

“Due to inclement weather, the ship lost anchors and began wading in shallow water very early in the morning,” port officials said in a tweet.

KPT informed the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PSMA) that it could not help them.

The special train was not affected by the train, KPT said.

It added, “Saving the ship is the responsibility of the owner of the ship. All marine & environmental damage will be the responsibility of the owner”.

KPT also said that technical assistance is available to ship owners.

The ship, which is 98 meters long by a Hong Kong company.

Several people in Karachi flocked to Sea View when the news about the ship spread.

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