A university administrator fired while ‘trying to steal’ from Karachi

Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) director Dr Zahir Ali Syed was shot dead by unidentified assailants near Karachi’s Stadium Road on Friday in what appeared to be “experiments”, according to police.

According to East SSP Sajid Amir Sadozai, Dr Syed, 70, was traveling in a car driven by his driver after leaving the university the day before.

A senior police officer said the professor dropped off his driver near Khatoon-i-Pakistan Girls College and drove off at a distance when armed billionaire drivers confiscated his car with the intent to seize it. Upon realizing the danger, Dr Syed drove his car to escape but the robbers shot him and fled.

The professor was taken to a nearby Aga Khan Hospital but could not recover from a bloody concussion.

Dr. Zahir Ali Syed

Police say the student suffered a single stroke that killed him.

The police chief said it looked like an attempted robbery. “If he had been killed, the militants would have fired at him, but it was not clear in this case,” he added.

The robbers would also have tried to stop the car in front of them – which they did not do, when they did not use a 9mm pistol, which is a popular weapon, according to SSP.

Law enforcement officials said another investigation into the incident was underway.

According to UIT history, Dr Syed had more than 35 years of senior leadership experience in both academics and industry.

He completed his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Dawood College of Engineering & Technology and received his master’s and PhD degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Southern California and Stanford University, respectively.

In addition to being the director of UIT, he was a member of the senate, academic council and board of faculty at NED University, chair of MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan and committee for the selection of members of the Sultan Qaboos IT Chair at UET Lahore.

In the past he has also served as a member of various disciplines and was selected in various universities.

In the first three months of 2021, Karachi experienced a dramatic increase in traffic offenses as civilians lost millions of dollars in weapons, armed robbery, and unarmed territory, according to a report by Karachi. It is early in the morning.

The data showed that 5,982 phones, 1,055 motorcycles and 477 vehicles were seized from the city from January to March.

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