A woman who complained to Prime Minister Imran Khan over debt repayment receives justice

LAHORE: A woman from Lahore has finally received 472,000 Rs from her police brother who does not want to pay rent and repairs, police in Punjab said on Monday, the agency will assist her in this matter.

The woman, in a video posted by Punjab police on Twitter, said the two had agreed, and the man had paid the existing bills and agreed to drop the case.

The woman, Ayesha Mazhar, a resident of Lahore, described her experience with Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday, while the Prime Minister was calling from citizens to hear their concerns.

The woman, speaking to Prime Minister Imran Khan by telephone, said that SSP Zeeshan Asghar’s brother, Imran Asghar, did not pay his dues, and that the police had not taken any action.

A tweet from Punjab police said Mazhar, in December 2020, complained to police about the rent of Imran Asghar, the brother of SSP Zeeshan Asghar who is sending him to Balochistan, for his unpaid and unpaid rent.

“The next day, the house was vacated. However, the landlord did not pay the rent and the damage to the house by $ 5,00,000,” the tweet said.

The letter said the woman had asked the police for a refund of her rent, but her friend went to court and received a permit.

“His case as far as his rent is concerned is still pending because of the court set up by the court …. IGP Punjab has tried to resolve the issue,” he added.

However, in the afternoon, Capital City Police (CCPO) Lahore Ghulam Mahmood Dogar realized this and helped the affected woman get her money back from Imran Asghar.


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