Experimental questions for Pakistani journalists and buffaloes on Eid leave netizens divided

Over and over again, Pakistani journalists have started online riots over their reports, often asking strange questions. The latest viral release is consultation with buffalo on the occasion of Eid. Tongue video leaves netizens split.

Pakistani journalist Amin Hafeez, known for his good communication with animals, decided to find a buffalo in Lahore to ask how he was feeling in the international city. “Haanji aap batayein, aapko Lahore mein aake kaisa laga … Lahore kaisa laga aapko? (Yes, tell me, how do you find Lahore)? Hafeez asked.

Carrying a small mic near the animal’s mouth, the reporter was seen waiting for an answer. When the buffalo responded with a mo, a reporter was seen translating ‘yes’.

Lahore achha laga (The buffalo loves Lahore), ”he told the camera. “Aap batayein, Lahore ka khana achha hai ya aapke gaon ka khana achha hai (Do you like Lahore or rural food and delicious)? ”

When the animal responded with a mo, a senior journalist was seen jumping for joy, telling viewers: “Haan, kehti hai Lahore ka khana achha hai (Yes, she loves food in Lahore). ”

The film was made live after fellow Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat shared it on Twitter. “Now what is Eid without Amin Hafeez asking for a cow,” Inayat wrote.

This is not the first time Hafeez has adapted from his obscure media. He first went viral in 2016 in conversation with cattle, leaving people on both sides of the border divided.

In 2018, the video of him riding a donkey talking about the relationship between people and donkeys also resumed.

While some were amazed by his recent video, others said it made them smile in a time of crisis like this.


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