Fearing India’s transition to IIOJK, Pakistan is approaching UNSC | Express Tribune


Pakistan has approached the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), expressing deep concern over reports suggesting that India may consider promoting “illegal and uncoordinated means” to Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

A letter to the President of the UNSC, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, sent to the International Committee of the Red Cross on the decision of the Indian government to seek redress, division and demographic change in the region.

It is unclear and the letter does not mention new methods India considering the areas in dispute. India on August 5, 2019, unanimously withdrew the opportunity to stay in the region, prompting Pakistan to take action, which said the changes were illegal and violated UNSC’s ideology.

The actions of the two countries in India have damaged the relationship between the two countries and Islamabad, linking the resumption of negotiations with New Delhi by repeating what happened on August 5.

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There were hopes that it would not happen after the two countries agreed to restore understanding in 2003 in February. But recent reports indicate that India can bring about many changes in a region where the Himalayan rivalry is raising hopes of reconciliation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in recent questions suggests that Pakistan may resume India even when New Delhi has just released a map of the action plan for August 5.

But India does not seem to want to give anything to IIOJK yet. Instead, the relationship can be ruined if India it also brings about change in the Kashmir region.

In his letter, according to the foreign office, FM Qureshi called for the continuation of India’s IIOJK military intervention, which has lasted for more than 21 months, suppressing Kashmiris’ interests through a massive crackdown, including gross human rights abuses.

The foreign ministry recalled that, as India committed an illegal and unilateral act on 5 August 2019, Indian invading troops killed, tortured, detained and detained hundreds of Kashmiris, and imprisoned almost all Kashmir leaders.

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Emphasizing New Delhi’s decision to limit the use of the Kashmiri people ‘fundamental freedoms by changing the number of IIOJK figures through the issuance of domestic vouchers, etc. Qureshi affirmed that “all unlawful and unlawful acts by the Indian Secretary at IIOJK since 1951, including after 5 August 2019, and any other change that India may cause in the future, in violation of international law including Security Council Resolutions and the 4th Geneva Convention, and ipso facto Nonsense. ”

Emphasizing that the people of IIOJK vehemently reject illegal practices run by IndiaThe Minister of Foreign Affairs has called on the Security Council to fulfill its responsibility to ensure that all its decisions are taken in the Jammu-Kashmir dispute.

He also urged the Security Council to do so India to end its oppressive campaign at IIOJK and change all its illegal activities, including those that started and after 5 August 2019, and to stop and implement any other changes in the region.

The Foreign Ministry letter also confirmed that Pakistan wants peaceful relations with all its neighbors, including India. Recognizing that compliance with the laws of Jammu and Kashmir in line with the UN Security Council’s mandate and the needs of the Kashmiri people is essential for peace and security in South Asia, the foreign minister has stressed India establishing a place of reconciliation with Pakistan “.

The letter was presented to the President of the Security Council and the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN in New York.

Foreign Ministers have been writing letters to the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General to inform the UN of the current crisis with India, reminding the Security Council of their responsibility for peace and justice in resolving the Jammu-Kashmir dispute. UNSC ideas.


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