Hamid Mir promises to uphold their rights after TV

One of Pakistan’s top journalists and TV presenters, Hamid Mir, has said that the removal or ban is not uncommon for them, adding that he will continue to praise the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

He said his family was still threatened but this time he was ready to face any difficulties.

Speaking on Twitter, Hamid wrote: “Nothing new to me. I was banned twice before. He lost his job twice. He survived the assassination attempt but cannot stop raising his voice on the rights enshrined in the Constitution. my ”.

Several journalists went ahead to show solidarity with Mir. Asma Sherazi, director of the TV program, said traffic controllers should express their views.

“If @HamidMirPAK is released or banned from the #GeoNews program, many fingers will point to the establishment of power & government as they hear” the words he said “.

Responding to Sherazi’s tweet on a small page, Mir wrote, “I have lost my job twice, I have escaped many murders but it does not stop me from talking about the freedoms that have been given to the law”.

Mir said, on the other hand, media protection funds are being signed into law while special courts are being set up to try other journalists, who will be fined up to millions and sentenced to three years in prison.

Mir also requested that in a parliamentary meeting on the matter and said that special court decisions would not be challenged in the high courts and would only be challenged in the Supreme Court. He also recalled that the International Federation of Journalists declared Pakistan as the fifth most dangerous country for journalists, with 148 journalists’ attacks reported in the country in the last 12 months, and a major offensive in Islamabad.

Geo TV manager says it was their decision to send Mir on leave and he was not pressured by anyone in the government and appointed.

However, the Pakistani Federal Union of Journalists has denied this. PFUJ president Shahzada Zulfiqar said in a statement issued on Monday: “Geo Management should inform the media of the decision to make the decision within 72 hours of Hamid Mir’s address to the National Press Club on Friday in protest of the pro-democracy democracy. journalists and Asad Toor. ”

On Saturday, Mir criticized the country’s establishment saying the latter wanted journalists to cover relations with India.

Last week, the film went viral on television, showing Hamid Mir aggressively. He speaks in favor of journalist Asad Toor who was beaten and tortured in his home.

“You [establishment] say your tanks are rusty and you want to hang out with India, while we are not helping you to create a new story about India’s relations, you are inviting journalists not to help you, “he said.

Press Freedom in Pakistan faces challenges and barriers as working journalists have either been forcibly dismissed or their finances are paid by media organizations. Freedom of the press is infiltrating every day. Restraint and restraining of journalists and government officials have become commonplace in this country.

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