Journalists, civil rights groups oppose Hamid Mir’s decision to take down TV

Media organizations and human rights groups on Monday condemned the decision to remove Hamid Mir, a senior journalist and TV presenter.

Mir was told BBC Chiudu was told by a Geo Stories directors that he “can’t go on the radio on Monday” to perform his five-day show The Great Story.

Although there was no official comment Geo Stories, his supervisors confirmed to BBC Chiudu that Mir will not take part in his protests from Monday (today) and that he has been “sent off for a while”.

Supervisors said Mir would still be in touch with Jang Media Group; another anchorperson says he was asked to do the program on behalf of Mir so far.

Mir, a longtime celebrity receptionist The Great Story, had just made a scathing statement in Islamabad just days after calling for a response to the repeated harassment of journalists in the country. He was speaking at a demonstration against a recent attack on journalist and YouTuber Asad Ali Toor.

“The supervisors asked me to explain or refute external communications to [National] Press Club, “Mir said BBC Chiudu, adding that he asked, “Who is asking you this?”

“I told them if they arrested the people who beat Asad Toor then I was ready to apologize, not to give an explanation,” the reporter said.

Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry, meanwhile, has not spoken to Mir or Geo, sent a statement in the evening saying the government was not in favor of the corporate elections.

“Individual publishers choose the program they are to advertise and their organization,” Chaudhry said, adding that all agencies were the ones who made their decisions in accordance with Article 19 of the Constitution.

‘Family is threatened’

Earlier in the day, when reports began circulating that Mir was no longer performing his show, anchor via tweet said the ban would not be “new to me”.

“I have been banned twice in the past. I have lost my job twice. I survived the assassination attempt but I will not stop raising my voice on the rights enshrined in the Constitution. This time I am ready to do anything and I am ready to go anywhere because it threatens my family,” he wrote.

I’m talking to BBC, Mir said his wife and daughter had been threatened, while his brother had been summoned by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on previous charges. he has tried several times to contact Mir to comment.

‘Fascist tricks’

The story continues to spread on television, and the decisions of civil rights groups were followed, including the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), Amnesty International South Asia and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) – all of whom shared with Mir on his official Twitter account.

PFUJ has strongly criticized Mir’s “ban”, saying: “Geo leaders should inform the media of what led them to take the election 72 hours after Hamid Mir spoke in front of the National Press Club on Friday in protest of the democratic power of torture. journalists and Asad Toor. “

The body, in a statement, said the move was a violation of the right to freedom of expression.

“First journalists are attacked and when the media criticizes this, the government uses deceptive tactics to stop them,” it said, warning of outside protests. Geo offices as Mir’s show “has not been restored”.

Amnesty International South Asia said “retaliatory punishment [Mir] Exit the air following the words on the demonstrations that call for a response to the lawsuit [Toor] it undermines the very role that journalists and officials should play in protecting free speech in an oppressive environment in the past “.

“Prohibition, harassment and violence should not be the price paid to journalists to carry out their work,” it affirmed.

Mir “should be allowed to resume his duties immediately and his threats should be investigated,” HRCP urged.

“That Mr Mir was quickly comforted and that his family is now being threatened is now part of the peace process – and that cannot be resolved through the enactment of legislation in favor of a law to protect and criticize journalists,” he said in a statement.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz also criticized the ruling, saying banning Mir’s program was not the answer but to cause further problems.

“It would not extinguish the fire but increase the lighting. But who could explain?” he wrote.

A protest against a journalist

Toor was brutally beaten by unknown individuals outside his home in Islamabad Sector F-10 on May 25.

According to police, some people gathered outside Toor’s house in another building. A fight broke out between him and these people who fled immediately after being beaten.

On Friday, media outlets staged protests against Toor’s attack as well as increasingly violent incidents against journalists. Several well-known journalists, politicians and human rights activists took part in the demonstrations in Islamabad and condemned the insane actions of journalists.

Speaking harshly at the protests, Mir blamed the non-democrats for the violence and warned of retaliation if attacks on journalists continued.

He also said he was starting to speak slowly and “those who want to fire me can do it because if I am fired I will get freedom, and I will use it to reveal your face”.

“You are not known,” Mir said of those who took the lead and criticized claims that Toor had done all this to survive.

He also said that a number of journalists have been abducted or tortured by unknown individuals in recent years while many have been described as “terrorists”.

Shortly after Mir’s remarks began to spread, official and anti-Mir hashtags began circulating on Twitter in Pakistan; as many wanted him fired or arrested, others shot him in the head.

The next day, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in a statement said Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the country’s intelligence agency, “disassociated itself” from Toor’s attack.

The document said a “high-level connection” was established between the ministry and the ISI over the incident when a digital journalist was “beaten” in Islamabad and ISI said it did not agree with this.

“What they continue to do against ISI shows that ISI is fighting a seventh war under the auspices of the conspiracy,” he said, after releasing one day a series of protest rallies against the growing number of journalists’ attacks.

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