Pakistan Blocks TikTok For Fourth Time Over “Inappropriate”

Pakistan Blocks TikTok For Fourth Time Beyond 'Inappropriate'

The TikTok program was shut down in Pakistan for the third time due to “illegal”.


The popular TikTok video sharing program was shut down in Pakistan on Wednesday for the fourth time due to “inappropriate”, the country’s telecommunications regulator said.

The Chinese people’s website has fought several battles with human rights activists and government officials in the Muslim world, and was closed for two days earlier this month, according to a regional court.

Freedom fighters have long criticized the government and controlled the Internet and the media in Pakistan.

“This is due to unauthorized access to the content of the platform and failure to release it,” the telecom said in a statement.

A typical TikTok representative did not respond immediately.

The program has many fans in Pakistan, where many people use it to sell and sell goods online.

But opponents of the Islamic state of extreme self-promotion promote shame and the LGBTQ content.

In June, TikTok said it had removed more than 6 million videos available to Pakistani users in just three months following complaints from officials and ordinary users.

About 15% of the videos that were removed were removed due to “old and sexual nudity”, the company said.

Officials have asked YouTube to ban what they see as inappropriate, and several dating programs have been banned.

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