Pakistan has condemned India ‘not’ speaking out in Afghanistan’s ambassador ‘case | SAMAA

Pakistan has condemned the “nonsense and nonsense” quoted by Arindam Bagchi, a spokesman for India’s Foreign Ministry.

“India has no problem with this,” the foreign ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Bagchi said the kidnapping of the ambassador’s daughter was “extremely shocking”, adding that Pakistan’s denial of the battalion’s case was “slightly declining”.

“Since Pakistan’s interior minister pulled India into it, I would just say that even according to their standards, Pakistan’s refusal to beat the victim has dropped slightly,” he said.

In response, the foreign ministry said that “India’s campaign against Pakistan by well-known and independent organizations, including EU DisinfoLab, has established India’s reputation as a global anti-Pakistan fraud.”

According to the report, India’s fake Indian machines are “active” and have been sharing “false pictures” of the ambassador’s daughter. “It is unfortunate that India has used such tactics in an attempt to lie against Pakistan.”

Pakistan has determined that “it wants to step back on India’s immovable path and to realize the role that India will play in the peace process in Afghanistan,” he said.

The daughter of the Afghan ambassador has been arrested

The program of Envoy’s daughter Najibullah Alikhel was detained for several hours and tortured by unknown men in Islamabad Thursday.

The Foreign Ministry in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan condemned the atrocity and expressed “deep concern for the security of the spies, their families, as well as their political partners and Afghan delegates in Pakistan”.

Earlier in the day, in a series of tweets, Foreign Minister Sheikh Rasheed said the Prime Minister had ordered the arrest of the detainees within 48 hours.

Alikhel’s daughter moved to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science after the war. Dr Waseem Khawaja, a medical spokesperson, confirmed to SAMAA Digital that the ambassador’s daughter had been brought to the hospital and had “cords” on her arms and ankles.

A medical report, available by SAMAA Digital, states that the 26-year-old boy was abducted at 1:45 pm and released at 7pm. There were scars on his arm and his ankles were swollen.


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