Sending water to Sindh, Punjab grew bigger: IRSA

Noting the increase in water levels in rivers on Monday, the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) has increased water levels in Sindh and Punjab provinces.

According to a report released Monday, an IRSA spokesman said Sindh’s water supply has been increased by 35,000 cusecs and 18,000 cusecs to Punjab.

The spokesperson said water inflow has increased by 24%. The flow of water in rivers has increased to 225,000 cusecs. Previously, on May 28, the water inflow was 100,000 cusecs.

“Water shortages in rivers have dropped from 32% to 18 percent,” the spokesman said. Water supply to Sindh has been increased to 109,000 cusecs by IRSA following an increase in water levels. Sindh was already given 74,000 water cusecs.

According to the report, the water in Punjab was raised by 18,000 cusecs. Punjab water availability has increased from 83,000 cusecs to 101,000 cusecs.

Due to the growing population of the northern regions, the Prophet said that the flow of water was increasing.

He added, “The council is monitoring the situation.”


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