The video of a Pakistani cowboy interviewing cattle is growing well on Twitter – Times of India

Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat has sent a video of Amin Hafeez, a Pakistani journalist asking for cattle to offer to Bakrid became known on Twitter.

In the video, journalist Amin Hafeez asks the cows and asks how they feel in Lahore and whether they like Lahore food?
With 9,400 views, 570 likes and 94 tweets, the video was criticized.
“The innocent eyes of these animals are painful,” said Twitter user Girl with a Voice.

Another user, Ayan Ray wrote, “This is cruel, to be honest.”

In the past, Amin Hafeez asked funny questions. Hafeez had asked about buffalo crossing the bridge. When asked they ask the buffalo if crossing the bridge was easy or difficult for them?
Watch the video here:

In another video, he asks a goat and asks if he understands English. In the same video he asks a parrot.
Watch the video here:

What is your opinion?


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