Visitors are missing following the closure of the Karakoram Highway, a landslide in Chilas

Visitors are missing on the way to the closure of the Karakoram Highway, a landslide in Chilas
  • The main Karakoram road has been closed due to landslides, and tourists are on the rise.
  • The Karakoram Highway has been closed to seven locations from Tata Pani to Lal Pari, said Commissioner Chilas.
  • Rains continue to flow across Gilgit-Baltistan from time to time, destroying homes and crops and blocking access roads.

CHILAS: Countless tourists and locals have been disrupted following the closure of part of the Karakoram Highway following a landslide in Chilas, Geo News reported Thursday morning.

The Karakoram highway has been closed in seven places from Tata Pani to Lal Pari, including Gandlo, Raikot and other places, said the Chilas chief.

Heavy machinery has been installed on both sides of Karakoram, he said, adding that there are difficulties in the repair work due to landslides.

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Meanwhile, rain has continued in the city for the past three days. Houses and crops have been damaged, and adjoining roads have been severely affected by the rains.

Khaner Valley lost contact with the city and could not be restored even after 48 hours.

Rainfall, landslides in Gilgit-Baltistan cut off land connections in many places

Heavy rains have continued in the Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan for the past three days due to a series of landslides being cut due to landslides.

Tehsil Yaseen’s land grabbing was cut off from day one due to a landslide in Damilgan in Ghizer, while a landslide also occurred in Gopis Chartoi over a Gilgit-Chitral road for all types of vehicles.

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On the other hand, the Ashkuman Valley highway was closed on Thursday for today due to river erosion.

The underground connection of the Amat villages was also blessed five days ago. In addition, there are reports of road closures due to landslides.

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