A man allegedly defrauded companies of more than $ 4 million and conspired to deceive them with $ 400,000 more

SINGAPORE – A 46-year-old man allegedly tricked two companies into paying a total of more than $ 4 million to two other companies, one of which was a partner.

Hussain Naina Mohamed is also accused of conspiring with the director of a fifth company to trick the victim companies into paying more than $ 400,000.

Hussain and director Eldo Thottungal Mathai, 66, were each charged with six counts of conspiracy to cheat on Thursday (July 22). Both men are Indian nationals and permanent residents of Singapore.

Hussain faces another 20 charges: 18 for fraud and two for money laundering.

He was deputy navigation administrator for the engineering firm Utracon Structural Systems at the time of the alleged crimes between June 24, 2009 and January 2, 2019.

Hussain allegedly hid that he was a registered partner of Al Rahman Enterprises and Trading, when he recommended to Utracon Structural Systems and another related company, Utracon Overseas, that jobs in shipping and marine insurance be granted to his company.

He is said to have hidden that his father was the sole owner of another company, SM Enterprises, when he recommended to Utracon that he buy plastic components from it.

According to their alleged actions, the victim companies paid approximately $ 4.3 million over the years to Al Rahman and SM Enterprises, according to the Office of Corrupt Practices Investigation.

An online search shows that both Al Rahman and SM Enterprises have ceased trading.

Hussain and Eldo are also said to have conspired to trick the victim companies into paying about $ 417,000 to charter company Indus Global Line between October 14, 2011 and April 5, 2018. Eldo was the director of Indus Global Line at the time.

They allegedly concealed that part of the price indicated in the job offers submitted by Indus Global Line would be paid to Hussain if the company were awarded the jobs.

Hussain is accused of remittance of about $ 142,000 of his alleged ill-gotten gains in India between May 2014 and November 2017.

He also allegedly used $ 125,000 of his alleged criminal proceeds to purchase an apartment from the Housing Board on May 22, 2018.

Eldo’s case will be known on August 19, while Hussain is expected to plead guilty to his crimes on September 16.

For each crime of deception for which they are convicted, they can be imprisoned for up to ten years and fined.

Hussain can also be jailed for up to seven years, with a fine of up to $ 500,000, or both, for each money laundering offense if convicted.

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