A Singapore man says his cats continue to flood his apartment at night: “I’m speechless”

A lot of Russian blue cats that flooded an apartment in Singapore (twice) for the shock of their owner has become an internet sensation for their mischief.

A Singapore TikTok user walking by the handle @ zul_taylor12 posted a video on June 9 of his flooded apartment saying that “it’s not every day [sic] you find yourself in a flooded house caused by the naughty actions of your pet cats. “

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the first time.

He said: “I am a boy without words, this is the second time. Both the same, when I’m sleeping with no one else at home.

It turns out that his pet’s gang of cats, all blue Russians, had on both occasions opened the kitchen faucet and caused flooding.

The owner and his cats soon received a barrage of messages from everywhere.

The viral clip showing one of his cats frolying in the water was good entertainment for netizens in the pandemic. He admitted to local media that he found him “adorable” and even though his apartment was flooded, he couldn’t get angry with his pets.

A Singapore man wakes up to find his apartment flooded. Your cats are responsible. The viral TikTok has garnered many likes, comments and shares.

On the second occasion, when the cats flooded his apartment, the owner said he had to urgently get down from work to clean up the chaos his cats had caused.

In the TikTok viral video, the cats are gathered around the living room furniture to avoid the floor.

The man, identified in the local media only by his first name Zul, was heard saying, “Don’t play! Look, they’re playing in the water. The one who has to clean up this mess is me, luckily my parents don’t they are at home ”.

Asia One he said Zul was still “trying to come to terms with what his cats had done to him.” He feels himself saying, “It’s like a pool, go swimming!” while throwing a tennis ball at his cats.

The next day, the Singapore man posted another video. But this time it wasn’t the kitchen faucet the cats had turned on. This time they had created a mess with kitchen towels.

Zul Taylor is told, “I left the room and I was shocked. Look what they do. They are playing with fabrics! They are playing with fabrics! ”

The internet was fun. One told the cats “Very adorable to get mad at them.”

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