Boon Lay Place Food Village will close until Aug. 6 after 7 Covid-19 cases found

SINGAPORE – Boon Lay Place Food Village will close after seven cases of Covid-19 were detected among people working or visiting the mobile center, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said.

In its daily update Thursday night (July 22), MOH said cases there were detected through its investigations into Covid-19 infections probably planted by fishmongers who visited Jurong fishing port. to collect their stocks to sell at markets and food centers.

The mobile center will remain closed to the public for two weeks from Friday to break the transmission chain and allow for a deep cleanup of the premises, MOH said.

Free trials of Covid-19 will be provided to members of the public who have visited Boon Lay Place Food Village and the Chong Pang Market and Food Center from 8 to Thursday 22 July.

There are 87 new cases related to the Jurong fishing port cluster, which now stands at 560 cases.

Five more cases were also added to the Marina Bay Sands casino cluster, which now has 15 cases.

The casino will be closed to the public from Thursday to August 5th.

Five new cases were related to the KTV cluster, which now has 221 cases. On Thursday there was no KTV lounge or club linked to the cluster.

Three new cases were detected in the workers’ bedrooms.

There are currently 28 active infection groups on Thursday, ranging from three to 560 infections.

Singapore reported a total of 170 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday, including 162 local transmission cases and eight imported cases. There were 52 cases of unrelated local transmission.

Among the cases of local transmission are six people over the age of 70 without vaccination who are at risk of serious illness.

Overall, the number of new cases in the community has increased from 127 cases the week before to 883 cases last week.

The number of cases without a link to the community in one week has increased from 16 cases to 105 in the same period.

MOH also made an update on vaccination in Singapore, noting that around 6.91 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered under the national vaccination program.

More than 4.18 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 2.84 million people have completed the full vaccine regimen.

There are currently 415 Covid-19 patients hospitalized. Most are fine and are under observation.

One patient is in critical condition in the intensive care unit and there are seven who need oxygen support.

Over the past 28 days, seven patients were admitted to intensive care, needed oxygen supplements, or died.

Among them, six were unvaccinated, while one had received a dose of the vaccine. None were completely vaccinated.

Singapore has had 36 deaths from Covid-19 complications, while 15 who tested positive have died from other causes.

Read the full MOH press release here.

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