Dr. Chee Soon Juan regrets the decision-making process of ministers and notes that many outlets will not be able to manage the “slim measures” – The Online Citizen Asia

The Democratic Secretary General of the Singapore Party (SDP), Dr Chee Soon Juan, announced that the operations of its coffee, Orange & Teal, will be temporarily suspended during Phase 2 (Increased Alert), just one month after its launch. opening.

Since dinners are not allowed at F&B establishments during Phase 2 (Augmented Alert), Dr. Chee said in a Facebook post on Thursday (July 22) that they will offer takeaway food orders to customers.

He added that no staff will be fired during this period.

“At Orange & Teal, we have barely a month and we have to suspend operations. But we will not let go of any of our staff. Like others, we will be dedicated to offering takeaway food. We are open from today (from 11 am to 8 pm) so that people can come in and order lunch, dinner and everything to take away, ”he said.

In early June, the head of SDP announced that he would open his own cafe in Rochester Mall, along with his wife, Dra. Huang Chih-Mei. The restaurant officially opened its guest door on June 25th.

In Thursday’s post on Facebook, Dr. Chee noted that coffee will serve its Friday-night trash, instead of the usual Thursday, as the sudden imposition of no dining rules has caused them to make the changes.

Given the new circumstances, Dr Chee has urged the people of Singapore to continue supporting coffee until it can reopen in August.

“O&T was created for people to dine and experience the atmosphere. Now it’s a hard blow that you can’t have dinner. But okay, we will adapt and continue to grow even in the most difficult circumstances. Like the SDP, pah see buay zhao, ”he said.

He added: “So please do your part to keep the F&B joints all over the island to stay afloat. Place an order or take-away purchase. If we meet in such difficult times, we can help minimize pain for F&B joint workers, especially at mom and pop stops at street centers. Give them your support. “

“The decision-making process of young ministers is unfortunate”

In office, Dr. Chee also lamented the ministers ’decision-making process.

“After jumping, relaxing and hardening, opening and closing F&B outlets, all this in a month, the government has now stopped eating for the next few weeks,” he said.

He continued, “The decision-making process by these young ministers is unfortunate. But this is a discussion for a future occasion.”

He went on to point out that many outlets in Singapore will not be able to handle the “flagship measures”, forcing homeowners to close their establishments and lay off employees.

On Tuesday (July 20), the multi-ministry working group (MTF) announced that it will recover the country’s control measures in phase 2 (increased alert) due to the growing number of COVID-19 community cases.

Phase 2 (Augmented Alert) run runs from Thursday (July 22) to August 18, 2021 and will replace those introduced on July 19, 2021.

Just a month earlier (June 10), the Government said it would return to Phase 3 (Augmented Alert) of its reopening from June 14 after the number of community cases was reduced.

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