Imprisonment, fist and fine for a man who caused serious damage to a policeman who did not like his face.

SINGAPORE – A pair of twins confronted a police officer because “they didn’t like the victim’s face” and it rained blows on him, causing a traumatic head injury.

Sergeant Chong Jiawei, 27, who also suffered multiple facial injuries, had to spend two days in a neurosurgery room after the unprovoked attack and was given 29 days of hospital leave.

One of his attackers, Muhammad Farhan Jaffri, also assaulted a second policeman and mistreated a policewoman with vulgar language.

Farhan, a 27-year-old Singaporean, was sentenced on Friday (June 11) to 33 months and four weeks in prison, three cane blows and a $ 3,500 fine.

He pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to Sergeant Chong and injuring fellow officer Sergeant Muhammad Irfan Misran, 22.

Farhan also admitted to abusing Sergeant Tity Sumarni Abd Ghani, 35, in vulgar language, vandalizing a police Land Rover and being a member of the secret society.

The case of his twin brother, Muhammad Fiqkri Jaffri, is still pending.

Shortly before the Feb. 23 attacks last year, Farhan and his wife argued on the empty deck of block 755 Jurong West Street 74 around 4 a.m. and police were alerted to the commotion.

Officers arrived at the scene and personnel sergeant Sumarni asked the couple if they were okay.

Instead of responding, an intoxicated Farhan behaved defensively and his twin brother, who lived on the block, appeared shortly after.

Deputy prosecutor Chng Luey Chi said: “(Fiqkri) approached the police officers aggressively and pointed his finger at his face as he demanded to know why they were questioning the accused.

“At the same time, Fiqkri told the accused and his wife to return to their unit located on the second floor, while making aggressive gestures to the police officers and telling them to shut up.”

Then Farhan abused the personal sergeant Sumarni with vulgar language and left the scene, to return minutes later.

Fiqkri asked his brother “what face of a police officer he did not like” and Farhan responded by making an aggressive gesture to Sergeant Chong.

The two brothers assaulted the policeman and continued to rain on him after he fell to the ground.

When the other police officers intervened, Farhan assaulted Sergeant Irfan who managed to drag him with the help of his colleague, Sergeant Charmaine Tan, 27 years old.

The court heard that Sergeant Sumarni had to use his baton to beat Fiqkri when he continued to attack Sergeant Chong. Fiqkri was later detained and handcuffed.

Sergeant Chong and Sergeant Irfan were taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, Farhan was escorted to a police Land Rover and, sitting in the back, kicked one of the vehicle’s windows, causing it to break.

Aside from that, the court learned that Farhan was also a member of the secret society and had joined in 2007.

For causing serious harm to a police officer, an offender can be jailed for up to seven years and can be fined or sanctioned.

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