Is it worth raising your Mr Coconut drink? This TikTok user may have the answer

To increase or not to increase? This is the question that pops into most people’s heads when they order a drink.

While it may seem like you get more when you increase the size, some brands of bubble tea may not give you as much for your investment.

But what about Mr Coconut, who seems to have recently become one of the most popular drink stalls in Singapore? A TikTok user named Finn (@ssquack) has decided to reach the bottom.


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In a TikTok, Finn uses a measuring cup to fill a medium glass and a large Mr Coconut, showing that the volume difference matches the sizes shown on Mr Coconut’s menu.

A quick look at their menu shows that it costs $ 1 to increase the size of your drink, quite reasonable in our book. For example, an average cup (500 ml) of coconut smoothie costs $ 4.40, while a large cup (700 ml) costs $ 5.40.

But even if you get an extra 200ml of candy when ordering ice cream smoothies, you may not get as much as you think if you make a drink that serves with ice cubes.

In one of Finn’s experiments, she shows that adding ice, which she calls “enemy number one,” can reduce the amount of extra drink she receives as she increases in size.


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For example, a medium cup (500 ml) and a large cup (750 ml) of Koi Thé contain only 300 ml and 400 ml of drink, respectively, when filled with ice.

This means that instead of 250 ml more drink, you will really only get 100 ml more.

Our verdict? Given that you pay the same amount to increase the size of ice-mixed drinks and regular iced drinks, such as coconut juice, to Mr Coconut, it’s worth increasing the size of your ice-mixed drinks.

If you’re not a fan of Mr Coconut, don’t worry, Finn also has a mission to find out if there are other drink stalls. It has a number of other similar videos on its page that compare large, regular cups from each brand.

He has also compared cups of different brands of bubble tea to show that the height of the cups can be misleading.

So the next time you want to order a drink, you may want to keep these TikTok videos in mind before deciding if you want to increase the size or not.

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