Phase 3 (Augmented Alert): Encouraging news for gym owners in Singapore

Yoga woman with medical mask.

Yoga practitioner with medical mask. (Stock photo by Getty)

SINGAPORE – Indoor fitness activities will be able to resume from June 21 if the situation of COVID-19 in Singapore remains under control in the coming weeks, according to the working group of several ministries at a press conference on Thursday (June 10).

Gyms and fitness studios can resume masked sports activities, with a safe distance of at least two meters between people and at least three meters between groups of up to five people.

Sports classes (both indoors and outdoors) will have a maximum of 30 people (including the instructor), made up of groups of no more than five people. Class participants can unmask themselves if they are performing strenuous activities, although they are strongly encouraged to remain masked when possible to reduce the risk of transmission.

Encouraging news

Ken Mok, the CEO of True Group, shared it with Yahoo Lifestyle SEA who was happy to hear the news: “We are pleased and grateful that we will soon be able to welcome our members to our clubs with the appropriate safe distancing measures. While we have been conducting online and outdoor classes they have been very well received, our members have been rare to return to their regular fitness sessions. “

Mok added that according to safe management measures, his clubs are cleaned and disinfected every two hours: “We are committed to doing our part to keep Singapore safe and we look forward to hearing from the authorities about the required testing regime. “Before the recent closures, we clean and sanitize our clubs every two hours, which exceeds the requirements. We will continue to do so and take other active measures to ensure the safety of our team and our members.”

As for Sarah Stuart, owner of the F45 Training Jurong CBD studio, she continues to hope with the news.

“We welcome the government’s decision to allow internal activities to resume and we are prepared to comply with the safe distancing guidelines to ensure that our wider community, including staff and members, is safe. While we wait for more details, we will continue to ensure contactless check-in at the studios through our app and ask all members to use our disinfection station upon entering the studio.Our format also allows members to work on their own station with all the disinfected equipment they need to avoid sharing it with anyone else, ”Stuart said.

Brad Robinson, CEO of boutique chain Ritual Gym Singapore, said its members are eager to return to a regular fitness routine, which also means “being able to wear fitness equipment and not wear a mask during exercise”.

“We are delighted that the restrictions are starting to diminish and that the national measures taken have proved effective. The national impetus for vaccination along with simpler testing options should allow us to return to work as usual in the short or medium term, which which is very exciting, ”Robinson said upon hearing the positive news.

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