Police apologize after confusing the restaurant with a nightclub and ordering it to close

Police have apologized to a restaurant owner after ordering the closure of the Duxton Road restaurant on July 16.

In a letter posted on Thursday, July 22, at The Straits Times forum, police said, “Our officers had erroneously advised Mr. Goh to cease operations at his restaurant on the night of July 16.”

They had confused Goh’s restaurant, Marcy’s, with a nightclub that pivoted to serving food and drink.

Authorities ordered these establishments to suspend operations from 16 to 30 July, as Singapore saw a recent increase in Covid-19 community cases and a cluster related to KTV lounges.

Apologizing for the unpleasant experience and anxiety of the restaurant owner, police said they met Goh who accepted his explanation.

Thanking him for the comments, police added that he would toughen his proceedings.

This follows Goh’s own letter to the same forum on July 20, where he said police officers visited his restaurant and told him to close it at 10pm on July 16.

“I did not close my restaurant that Friday night because it was clear that the actions were the result of incorrect information,” the restaurant owner wrote.

However, police returned and closed the restaurant that night.

Goh and his staff had to “endure 24 hours of anxiety” before receiving a call from police on the night of July 17, which allowed the restaurant to continue operations.

“It has been time and time again in the food and beverage industry in Singapore and while I understand that many of the measures taken are necessary, the situation could have been better managed,” he wrote.

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