Police apologize to restaurant owner for “unpleasant experience” after confusing the place with a pivoted nightlife establishment – The Online Citizen Asia

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has apologized to the owner of a restaurant that was almost closed when it was mistaken for a pivoted nightlife establishment.

In a letter posted Thursday (July 22) on The Straits Times (ST) forum, Superintendent Brenda Ong, deputy director of SPF’s public communications division, referred to an earlier letter from the owner two days earlier in which she recalled the incident that caused anxiety.

According to his letter, the owner, Goh Tong Hann, opened his restaurant earlier this year in a place that used to be a nightlife establishment.

However, he said a couple of police officers had recently visited his restaurant during a busy Friday night demanding that the place be closed under current COVID-19 regulations, after confusing him with the nightclub that was previously located there.

In response to Mr.’s letter. Goh, the NGO’s superintendent of the SPF came forward to apologize for the “unpleasant experience and anxiety it caused”.

“Our agents had erroneously warned Mr Goh to leave the operations of his restaurant on the night of July 16th.

“He was wrong when it came to a pivoted nightclub that was forced to suspend operations for two weeks from July 16 to 30, when in fact he had taken over the premises previously occupied by a nightclub and now it works like a restaurant, ”she explained.

Superintendent Ong added that upon realizing the mistake, the police had immediately notified Mr Goh the next day to offer clarifications in this regard.

He went on to say that the police had also met Mr Goh personally and had accepted his explanation.

“We will tighten our processes,” Superintendent Ong assured. “We thank Mr. Goh for his comments.”

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