Punggol rest areas for pilots, removal of private rental drivers

Rest areas for delivery drivers and private rental drivers that were established about a week ago at two Punggol cafes will be removed to prevent misuse.

These areas could become places where people congregate and pose risks to the community, Punggol West SMC MP Sun Xueling said yesterday in a post on Facebook.

“I have been there a few times and seen some congregation of general workers that we have had to rectify,” added Sun, who is also Minister of State for Education and Social and Family Development.

The cafeteria rest areas on Block 308C Punggol Walk and Block 269A Punggol Field were installed about a week ago.

They were intended to be used by delivery drivers and private drivers to rest and eat, Ms. Sun in previous posts on Facebook.

Yesterday, he said they could eat in open areas, such as empty terraces and parks, and that he had personally observed that some took their breaks alone in these places.

“And (the places are) safe, ventilated, away from the crowds,” he added.

Sun said the Pay It Forward initiative, which allows residents to pay for drinks that drivers and drivers will be able to change later, will continue at both cafes.

“There is also a box to express our good wishes to them and give away free masks for use,” Ms. Sun.

This article first appeared in The Straits Times.


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