Students criticize lack of MOE in managing students’ mental health after tragedy at RVHS – The Online Citizen Asia

The Ministry of Education “should have stepped up its game” by providing River Valley High School (RVHS) students and teachers with the resources to deal with the aftermath of the recent tragedy, some Wake Up students said Singapore Facebook page on Wednesday (July 21).

When students returned to RVHS two days after a 16-year-old student allegedly murdered a 13-year-old student in the school restroom, the school and MOE tried to help other students process what happened with a program. CARE of 2 hours.

In a previous comment posted on Wake Up Singapore earlier that day, a group of students – who remained anonymous – criticized that the program “was not well thought out.”

One of the examples mentioned was the use of a “single solution spreadsheet” in adaptation mechanisms in which one of the strategies was “I was made for this challenge”.

The student commented: “… some, if not all, find this particular option very inadequate as a coping mechanism. It did not help us deal with the situation, but it downplayed what we have experienced due to the solution spreadsheet that fits all sizes “.

“It seemed like they just wanted to pack things up quickly and move on,” the students added.

In a series of follow-up messages posted to Wake Up Singapore later that day to clarify what they meant, students reiterated that they were referring to the management of the program by the Ministry of Education, specifically, and how the Ministry should have provided the school with adequate resources.

“Our intentions were to raise awareness about the lack of MOE in the management of students’ mental health, as, like many others, we also believe that teachers should not be the ones to carry out this care program, but third parties. MOE professionals. [should be doing it]”, Stated the students.

They went on to say that it “annoyed” them to see that teachers who were “obviously traumatized, tired and exasperated” had to carry out a program for which they were not professionally trained.

The students explained that this was one of the reasons why they wanted to bring this topic to the public.

However, the students also apologized for raising the issue publicly, which caused “so much unnecessary additional anguish” instead of bringing the comments in private to their teachers.

Another series of messages from a different student, also shared by Wake Up Singapore on the same day, featured similar complaints about the CARE program that they considered “not specialized” to their needs.

My reason was that I didn’t even mention the word ‘trauma’ to validate the indirect trauma many students face (which experts also acknowledge in a Straits Times article), rather than portraying it as a situation. very stressful “. explained the student.

They went on to say that they finally understood more about the work that was done on the program after talking to a teacher who was head of the school department.

According to the message, a team of professional counselors was stationed on Tuesday at the school’s care center so that everyone could speak while students in the victim and aggressor’s classes were given urgent attention.

At the same time, the student said that teachers worked 24 hours a day, the Ministry of Education formulated a lesson plan of the specialized care program, while the RVHS student development team formulated slides for teachers.

When students returned to school on Wednesday, Defense Ministry agents were at the school’s entrance to introduce the students and prevent journalists from “swarming” them, while police were also on alert. pointed out the student.

They added that teachers supported students and cared to talk to them and make it easier for them to return to lessons after the attendance program.

In clarifying certain “misconceptions,” the author of the messages described the CARE program as “very general” and wanted to identify affected students for sending them for counseling.

“Perhaps this has caused some dissatisfaction, as it was too simplified for some students and did not delve into the impacts we felt,” the author suggested.

“The teacher also expressed the same feeling,” they added.

Hoping to “slow down” the developing situation caused by the previous complaint about the CARE program, this student reiterated that the school and teachers have been working hard to support students.

The student said, “Everyone [in] all I want to say is that the teachers and the school are working very hard to support us BEHIND THE SCENES, they don’t brag about it, but I’m here to say it so we can show them a little more support and understanding “.

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