The man is in the Sengkang cargo ship and refuses to move even as the driver tries to turn around.

A man was caught standing in the middle of a loading dock in Sengkang, preventing another driver from entering it.

A video of the incident was shared on and showed the man refusing to move.

According to the title of collaborator Lucas Ong, the incident happened at the loading and unloading bay near the 350 Anchrovale Road block.

Passed to the loading and unloading bay Blk 350/351 Anchorvale. I was trying to unload a few things and I saw that a parking lot wanted to reverse, but that person interposed me and refused to move. When I ask, he says he is reserved. Waaaa win liao the lot belongs to his father. When I say I will report it to the police, it will even challenge me to go ahead.

Posted by Ong Lucas on Monday July 19th, 2021

Lucas wrote that he wanted to unload some items and tried to back off, but the man got in his way and refused to move.

The man told him the place was “reserved”

“Waaaa will win liao that the lot belongs to his father,” Lucas said.

He added that when he told the man he was going to report the matter to the police, the man challenged him to go ahead.


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