“Very unlikely” to resume phase 3 followed after June 13: Lawrence Wong

SINGAPORE – While there are indications that the spread of the COVID-19 community is under control, it is “very unlikely” that Singapore will immediately return to phase 3 of its reopening when phase 2 (increased alert) ends on June 13 said Finance Minister Lawrence Wong on Monday (May 31).

“We will have to do it gradually … so there are some possibilities for relaxation, but in a controlled and calibrated way,” said Wong, who co-chairs the working group of several COVID-19 ministries.

Wong, who addressed reporters at a virtual press conference, noted that the situation remains very fluid, in response to a question about whether there could be another rise in COVID-19 cases.

“If we monitor over time and see new risks appear, new clusters emerge, more unrelated cases that we can’t track and pinpoint, it may suggest that this continues, a little more than we feel comfortable with, and therefore possible that we have to take additional restrictions or precautions and protections, depending on the data, ”he added.

Earlier, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung noted that the number of community cases over the past 14 days – a full cycle of infection – has fallen. Dividing the last 14 days into two halves, the first seven days (May 17-23) saw 182 cases, followed by 136 cases over the next seven days.

In addition, the percentage of unrelated cases has also fallen from 22% of all cases to 18%.

A key method to control and control infections is to try, Ong said. In the second half of May, on average, more than 55,000 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and rapid antigen (ART) tests were performed every day, according to NGOs.

“All in all, we are pushing in the right direction, but only pushing and controlling the situation,” Ong said.

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