Why are the authorities so silent about the police report filed against SMRT Feedback by the seditious site of The Vigilanteh? – The Online Citizen Asia

This happened more than a week after lawyer Syazana Yahya made her police report against the Facebook page. SMRT Feedback from The Vigilanteh on its Facebook post already deleted on May 21, the authorities have not yet made statements or posted updates on the subject.

In the offensive message that became the subject of Ms. Syazana, the page expressed support for the views of the late Singaporean statesman Lee Kuan Yew on the distrust of placing Singaporean Malays-Muslims in sensitive positions such as the Air Force and Navy.

The Straits Times reported that the former prime minister said in September 1999:

If, for example, you put a very religious Malaysian officer who has family ties to Malaysia at the head of a machine gun unit, it is a very complicated business. We need to know their background … I’m saying these things because they’re real, and if I don’t believe it, and I think even if the Prime Minister doesn’t think about it today, we could have tragedy.

Putting a Singaporean Muslim “in a sensitive position where he has to deal with Israeli technology,” which “he knows is the same technology used to lay siege to Palestine,” The Vigilanteh’s SMRT Feedback said, would place him in a difficult situation difficult situation.

“Then I would be guilty? Would his responsibilities as a Muslim be nullified by his obligations as a Muslim? “the page in question.

“Lee Kuan Yew was not a racist. I just didn’t want our Muslim compatriots to put themselves in a position where they have to decide between the country and the god. The best position is not to have to decide at all, ”added SMRT Feedback from The Vigilanteh.

The lawyer does not intend to withdraw the police report after withdrawing the message

Explaining why she has decided not to withdraw her police report against the page despite SMRT’s responses to The Vigilanteh’s public apologies, Ms. Syazana noted that many Singaporeans, particularly from minority communities, were outraged by the fact that in the cases of the Nair brothers and Labor Party (MP) Raeesah Khan, people who spoke out against discrimination were subjected to police investigations into racism-related crimes.

“However, many Singaporeans reluctantly accepted the decision in the hope that if the tables were returned and a racist comment was made against minority communities, the state machinery would restrict them, as they did with Ms Raeesah and Preetipls, ”he said.

“In my view, the actions of Ms. Raeesah and Preetipls are blurred compared to that of SMRT Feedback, which associated Singapore Muslims with an al-Qaeda terrorist leader.”

So far, the police have not made any statement regarding the police report submitted by Ms. Syazana.

TOC has also written to police to ask for an answer on the progress of the investigation.

Quick police action against a duo of famous YouTube brothers, co-founders of TRS in reports of allegedly seditious material?

Compared to this case, police appeared to have acted quickly on a police report against a duo of YouTube’s famous brothers, Preeti Nair – known as Preetipls – and Subhas Nair for the satirical rap video they made and posted online at response to a racist “. brownface” advertising by the electronic payments company Nets about two years ago.

In a statement on July 30, 2019, a day after the video was uploaded, police said they were investigating the matter for “offensive content” in the clip.

“Police will not tolerate any offensive content that causes racial malice,” they said.

However, no action was taken against those behind the electronic payment ad. Nets only received a stern reminder from the Infocomm Media Development Authority. According to police, the attorney general’s chambers had reported that no criminal offense had been committed.

Mr Chew was selected by creative agency HAVAS Worldwide to star in the campaign. Nets hired HAVAS Worldwide for the campaign.

In the E-Pay ad, Mediacorp actor and deejay Dennis Chew took on the role of four different characters, including a Malay woman wearing a headscarf. He also had artificially darkened skin to portray an Indian man, an act commonly known as a “brown face.”

The Nair brothers ’rap video contained lyrics with explanations, criticizing the Chinese in Singapore for exploiting minorities in Singapore for monetary gain like the one seen in the E-Pay commercial.

“The video clearly violated the Penal Code. If this video is allowed, insulting, insulting and offensive videos, aimed at all communities, will have to be allowed, ”police said about why they sent the Nair brothers a two-year conditional warning each on August 14, 2019 .

The brothers later issued an unconditional apology for the matter. Mediacorp had also apologized for the publicity.

Ms Khan was “burned” during the last general election campaign period for her statements about Robertson Pier and the City Harvest Church incident.

The current Sengkang GRC deputy said Ms. Syazana, had tried, in her posts on social media that became the subject of police reports, to “highlight what she perceived as discrimination against locals / minorities compared to elite groups.”

“Mrs. Raeesah sincerely apologized. However, police investigated her for crimes under section 298A of the Penal Code and issued a “severe warning” against Ms. Raeesah, ”Ms. Syazana said.

While she was “glad” that The Vigilanteh’s SMRT Feedback had apologized for her previous post, Ms. Syazana said “apologies have never absolved individuals of responsibility and that this case should not be an exception.”

Another case in which police acted quickly on reports of seditious materials is that of co-founder and former owner Yang Kaiheng of the socio-political website The Real Singapore (TRS) and his then-girlfriend Ai Takagi, a Japanese-Australian woman who is now his wife .

Police arrested the couple on February 6, 2015, a day after receiving reports of “an article about the Thaipusam incident” from a TRS collaborator, which was posted on the website.

The duo was accused of sedition in April of the same year for falsely suggesting that a Filipino family had caused a confrontation between police and participants during the Thaipusam procession on February 3 of that year.

Yang was sentenced to eight months in prison in June 2016 after pleading guilty to six counts of sedition after seven days of trial.

Takagi had previously pleaded guilty and was sentenced to ten months in prison. He began serving his term in April 2016.

Similar to the case of TRS and before the arrest of the two, much is known about the property of SMRT Feedback. Channel News Asia, in its 2019 report from SMRT Feedback-affiliated news portal Observer +, only referred to the entity as being run by an unknown entity called “Council”.

In the event that an investigation is initiated on the Facebook page, the identities of the administrators should surely be revealed as in the case of TRS.

SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh’s post seditious; “Blatant attempt to promote feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will on the part of non-Muslims against Muslims”: lawyer Syazana Yahya

In a previous post, Ms. Syazana said the publication on which he had filed a police report falls under sedition as it “throws sprinkles on a Muslim Muslim’s loyalty to his nation.”

“It falsely suggests that when a Muslim person is in a war with a religious element, he will turn his back on Singapore,” he said.

Fighting this claim, Ms. Syazana stressed that “the main obligation of a Muslim in Islam is towards his family and his country.”

“However, a non-Muslim who reads this message (who may not understand Islam) will probably believe that this message is true. That the loyalty of a Muslim from Singapore is questionable in times of war. That Muslims in Singapore they are predisposed to be traitors.

“This is a flagrant attempt to promote feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will on the part of non-Muslims against Muslims. It is surely a crime under Article 298A, Penal Code, ”he said.

Under the Sedition Act, those found guilty of promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility among different races or classes of the Singapore population can be fined up to US $ 5,000, convicted of a first offense, or imprisonment for a maximum term of three years, or both.

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