WP’s Pritam Singh addresses Eunos residents’ concerns about the screening center near their home: The Online Citizen Asia

He The leader of the Workers’ Party (WP) and Member of Parliament (MP) of Aljunied GRC, Pritam Singh, took to his Facebook on Saturday (May 29) to address the multiple concerns of Eunos residents about the newly activated screening center in your residential area.

In his message, Mr Singh shared that the former headquarters of Bedok North High School (BNSS) in Eunos was set up as a regional screening center under the charge of the Board of Health Promotion (HPB) about two weeks ago.

Apart after a daily drying, after 13:00, the center is reserved to serve vehicles transporting people in quarantine. At another end of the center, an area has been reserved to test people with symptoms of ARI (acute respiratory infection), ”he wrote.

Seconds for Mr Singh, the activation of the screening center has affected residents living in Jalan Damai, in the Eunos Room of Aljunied GRC, particularly those on Blk 662-664.

He noted that HDB service roads near their blocks have been congested by vehicles, workers, and so on. Although enforcement operations have been carried out against stray drivers, he claimed they were opportunistic and sporadic.

Singh added this there is also the concern of many workers walking to and from the projection center through the empty roofs of their blocks.

“I have visited the detection center a few times now to talk to HPB agents and see how the problem can be alleviated,” he shared.

During his visit, Mr Singh stumbled upon an acquaintance from his days of national service, Mr Chin, who is apparently part of the HPB team in charge of all seven screening centers in eastern Singapore.

“In view of the feedback, small trucks have been diverted to the control center to park after boarding / disembarking workers from today.

“HPB is also looking to deploy more traffic commissioners to better control traffic while maintaining security considerations for detection center users and, in doing so, reduces the possibility of congestion and illegal parking on the Blk 662-664,” he said. detail.

Singh added that the HPB team is also studying alternative parking options at the BNSS site that require some site preparation, in order to contain activities within the selection center as far as possible.

“For the residents of Jalan Damai, I know it has been a difficult two weeks so far, especially with many of you working from home,” he acknowledged.

Singh went on to ask residents to understand the situation, assuring that the HPB team is doing everything possible to reduce the inconvenience to everyone.

“However, send me your comments at any time to [email protected] and I will do my best and work with the agencies involved to make things better, ”he concluded.

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