Biden defends Americans’ right to vote ‘freely’ in Memorial Day remarks

President Biden on Monday stressed the right of Americans to vote “free,” “fair” and “comfortably” during Memorial Day remarks that came the day after the Texas Democrats’ strike to see a major revision package passed to block the elections.

At Arlington National Cemetery, Biden said in his address to members of the Armed Forces and Gold Star families that the way in which we honor the US soldiers who have died in conflict and war around the world will “determine whether or not democracy will last long ”.

“Democracy thrives when the democracy infrastructure is strong,” said Biden. “When people have the right to vote freely, fairly and comfortably.”

“When a free and independent press pursues the truth based on fact, not propaganda,” added Biden. “When the rule of law applies equally and fairly to all citizens, regardless of where they come from, what they look like.”

Biden’s remarks come as Republican-led state parliaments in the US seek to introduce new restrictions on voters that critics say disproportionately affect color communities.

In Texas, Democrats left parliament shortly before midnight on Sunday to block the passage of a comprehensive election revision package, which they argued would create new barriers to voting in future elections, especially for low-income and low-income voters People with disabilities.

Proposed changes to the bill include restrictions on early voting and the ban on temporary outdoor polling stations. The law also prohibits the use of the 24-hour early election, which was widespread in Harris County, Texas, which Biden won in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden busted Texas law in a statement Saturday and named it “un-American.”

“Today Texas lawmakers tabled a bill joining Georgia and Florida to advance state law that attacks sacred suffrage,” he said. “It’s part of an attack on democracy that we’ve seen far too many times this year – and that often disproportionately targets black and brown Americans.”

In the 21st century, we should make it easier for everyone who is eligible to vote, not difficult, ”he added.

During his Memorial Day remarks, Biden lamented that “Generations of American heroes have pledged to be part of the struggle because they understand the truth that lives in every American heart.”

“This liberation, opportunity, justice is far more likely to occur in a democracy than in an autocracy,” he added. “When every person is holy and every person’s rights are holy, individual dignity, individual value, individual holiness, the right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.”

“We say these words so often, but remember. The right to vote, the right to rise in a world as far as your talent can take you, unlimited by unfair barriers of privilege and power, ”said Biden. “These are the principles of democracy.”


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