Biden says eliminating filibuster would

President Biden essentially rejected the idea, eliminate the filibuster busHe claimed that this would “wreak havoc on the entire Congress and do nothing”.

He was at a town hall in Cincinnati Wednesday night, and his desire to get the filibuster with some reforms came despite a call from CNN host Don Lemon about the filibuster’s role in blocking civil rights laws and amid clear audience support for it to eliminate.

When a law student in the first year of the filibuster’s abolition asked what meant in this day and age that most laws require 60 votes to end the debate and move forward, the audience cheered. While some Democrats have said that getting rid of the filibuster is the only way to get the right to vote, Mr Biden disagreed, suggesting that he wanted a wider coalition – and believes he can get it. He said he wanted to take Republicans too.

The President urged the Senate to continue Voting Rights Act and not “let it be wrapped up, whether it’s just about the filibuster”.

In Mr Biden’s second town hall since he took office, COVID-19 and the restart of the economy dominated the discussion. He addressed the rise in coronavirus cases, falling vaccination rates, but also immigration, the opioid crisis and the ongoing debate in the Senate over his infrastructure law.

He remains confident in spite of that failed procedural vote on the draft law on Wednesday, the bill will be treated more favorably on Monday and the bill will ultimately be successful. “I think it’ll be ready,” he said.

The infrastructure bill is a big part of Mr Biden’s business agenda, and he insisted on bipartisan support on Wednesday, repeatedly praising Ohio Republican Rob Portman.

Lemon opened City Hall by asking Mr Biden about vaccinations as the nation grapples with slowing vaccination rates and infections rising among those without protection from the disease in some states due to the rapidly spreading Delta variant. “We have a pandemic for those who haven’t received a vaccination. It’s that simple,” replied Mr Biden.

Mr Biden noted that vaccination studies are currently underway for children under the age of 12 and he said he anticipated that children in school are likely to wear masks in the fall.

The town hall comes because Mr Biden has been in office for six months.

President Biden, accompanied by CNN journalist Don Lemon, will appear in a CNN City Hall at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

Andrew Harnik / AP


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