Dallas’ NorthPark Center mall evacuated, 1 person in custody after ‘shooting incident,’ police say

This is a developing story and is constantly being updated.

The NorthPark Center mall in Dallas was evacuated Monday afternoon following a report of a shooting.

An active shooter was reported just before 1:30 p.m., said Jennifer Staubach Gates, a Dallas city council member.

The police said in a tweet around 2 p.m. that, according to preliminary information from the mall, a person was in custody.

No victims of the shooting were found, the police said.

A video from inside the mall showed shoppers rushing to the exits while an alarm went off in the background.

Victoria Rangel, 28, saw a screening of. at A quiet place part II that started around noon. About halfway through the movie, she said, someone came into the cinema and started screaming, “Everyone out! Something happens, everyone out! “

Rangel heard sirens and said she ran to the nearest exit.

“It was just one of those moments when you kind of get empty,” she said.

Corey Anderson, 40, and a friend were leaving the food court when they heard loud popping noises. He said people were rushing to the exits when yellow lights came on and he saw parents outside the mall trying to comfort their crying children.

“It was a little scary since it’s Memorial Day weekend,” he said. “I am a veteran.”

There was a strong police presence in the mall as the authorities continued the investigation.

Last June, a person was injured at the Galleria Dallas mall when an argument broke out between two people.


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